White Nights in Russia

The White Nights Festival is a blend of culture, arts and music

Book a private jet flight to Russia’s exotic cultural capital, St. Petersburg and enjoy the iconic White Night’s plethora of festivals. St. Petersburg was founded back in 1703 by an ambitious tsar, Peter the Great. Having spent much of his childhood studying in the greatest European cities, Peter became enamored with European culture. His conviction to create a city in Europe’s image culminated in the realization of St. Petersburg, a gorgeous mix of Russian and European elements.

This waterfront city acts as the backdrop to one of Russia’s most popular tourist draws, the White Nights. Sequestered along the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg is the northernmost city with a population greater than one million. Its large population and metropolitan culture make it a prime destination for private jet travelers.


However, its northerly resting place means that for a few months a year, it never leaves the gaze of the sun. Now, while the nights only turn completely white for about a month, the festivals centered around this disorienting phenomenon span nearly three months. The city comes to life during the night while gypsies play music, locals dance in the streets, and lovers walk hand in hand- all in the light of a never setting sun.

Private jet travelers can enjoy the White Night events as early as May, and can continue to do so until late July. Of the multitude of festivals that span the season, there are a few standouts worth mentioning in particular. From massive art exhibitions and random street dancing to vibrant firework shows that light up boat parades, private jet travelers are sure to enjoy their time in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kick off the festivities with a grand display of classical ballet, opera, and orchestral compositions that portray the cultural development of St. Petersburg. The Stars of the White Nights Festival encompasses three months of world-class performances by the biggest names in classic self-expression. From famous opera singers and acclaimed ballet dancers, The Stars of the White Nights Festival boasts a jaw-dropping lineup seldom seen in one venue. Private flights can be arranged to (LED) Pulkovo Airport for the easiest access to the White Nights Festival, and Jet Charter Russia can arrange any necessary helicopter lifts and ground transportation.

Not limited to art, St. Petersburg has laid out a swath of different entertainment options for White Night Festival attendees. One of the most popular is the enormous end of the school year Scarlet Sails celebration. When hosting this titan-sized event, the Nevsky District overflows as over a million people stand shoulder to shoulder in hopes of seeing the amazing displays. Past Scarlet Sails performances have included such household names as Cirque du Soleil, the Mariinsky Ballet, and Antonio Banderas; other more contemporary acts include major rock stars, and several European pop stars.

With the amount of events spanning the three months of Russia’s White Nights, private jet travelers can’t go wrong when choosing a date. The only mistake possible is not going at all, so book your private flight to St. Petersburg and experience this amazing festival in style.

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