Russia – A Private Jet Charter Destination

The most popular destinations for private jet charters in Russia are St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, and Sochi. Many Jet Charter Russia passengers have mentioned these cities when flying into Russia using our private jet services:


Kaliningrad was founded by Teutonic Knights during the 13th century, and many of its buildings and attractions have since been destroyed or suffered damage during WWII. However, the influence of medieval times can be clearly seen in the remains and the buildings that are being rebuilt.


When in Kazan, Russia, there are many old and beautiful buildings to see during your stay. Your best bet to get a feel for the city would be to go to Kazan Kremlin where some of the best attractions are, and then to Bauman Street. It’s your every day usual tourist street, but it’s also a great way to experience Kazan as one of the people, and wander around a bit or grab a bite to eat.


The capital of Moscow has much to offer its visitors and tourists during their stay. The majority of its attractions are made up of architecture and old buildings, however there are things to do for leisure and entertainment. There are several parks and theaters to spend your time, as well as a beautiful botanical garden with an assortment of beautiful flowers and several ponds for a nice walk or even a little romance.

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novogorod is practically the staple of Russia, with the many historical monuments to what many think when they think of Russian buildings and architecture. There are many monuments and statues in place in remembrance of the nation’s history, as well as beautiful buildings or architectural design.


Samara is definitely a place where you can find architectural monuments and entertainment in Russia. This city really shows of the wealth Russia has with its oil, building churches and structures with beautiful modern designs that you won’t see elsewhere. Once you’re done touring the city, you can stop by one of the many breweries, or catch a show at one of Samara’s theatres.


Called the “Russian Riviera,” Sochi is a resort town in Russia along the coast of the Black Sea, but also within the mountains. During any season, there are many things to do during your stay. In the winter, the ski resorts open up, as do many ice skating rinks. In the warmer seasons, people go mountain climbing, visit the national park, and take a dip around the Agura Waterfalls.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, and is filled with ancient landmarks such as palaces, gardens, and museums. Due to the amount of history and cultural heritage it possess, it is one of, if not the top tourist destination in all of Russia. You’ll find many buildings with profound architecture, and even more impressive gardens encompassing the grounds.


While in Yeklaterinburg (also spelled “Ekaterinburg”) be sure to visit the “Visotsky Business Center Lookout.” It is the highest point in all of the city, has tours for the top, and is also a hotel. While looking around the city, your best bet to cover a lot of important attractions and landmarks is to follow the red marks on the ground, known as “The Red Line Walking Tour.”


Local Airports – Russia

Jet Charter Russia can be flown into the following airports: