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Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Samara, Russia

In Samara, Russia, there are many great hotels and inns to stay at. When flying with private jet charters, you want the best place to rest for the night after a long flight. The list below has been compiled based on the suggestions of some of our clients.

Hotel Green Line Samara
Address: Sovetskoy Armii Street 251, Apt. 3, Samara, Russia, 443011
Phone: +7 (846) 321-2222
Website: Hotel Green Line Samara
Hotel Graf Orlov
Address: 88 Kuybyshev Str., Samara, Russia, 443099
Phone: + 7 (846) 332-3202
Website: Hotel Graf Orlov
Renaissance Samara
Address: Novo-Sadovaya Street 162V, Samara, Russia, 443011
Phone: +7 (846) 277-8340
Website: Renaissance Samara
Hampton by Hilton Samara
Address: 131 Lva Tolstogo Street, Samara, Russian, 443041
Phone: +7 (846) 303-0300
Website: Hampton by Hilton Samara
Vestrum Hotel
Address: Ul. Komsomolskaya 7 lit b, Samara, Russia
Phone: +7 (846) 207-3501
Website: Vestrum Hotel
Ibis Samara
Address: Novo Sadovaya Street 160 D, Samara, Russia, 443011
Phone: +7 (846) 339-6852
Website: Ibis Samara
Address: Galaktionovskaya St-Bld 171, Samara, Russian, 443001
Phone: +7 (846) 270-8631
Website: Evropa

Top Attractions in Samara, Russia

In Samara, Russia, you can find quite a few things to do for leisure or entertainment. These attractions have been suggested by our clients.

Samara Embankment
Address: Maksima Gorkogo Street, Samara, Russia
Many great things have been said about the Samara Embankment, but simply put, it’s a wonderful place to take a stroll. The embankment follows the flow of the Volga river, and soon enough become the center of the city with all of the space and beautiful landscape.
the Rook (Ladya)
Address: Samara Embankment, Samara, Russia
A testament to Samara, Russia’s Viking heritage, this monument was built as the new symbol of Samara. It was artfully crafted and situated perfectly for great pictures of the monument and the river.
Observation point
Address: Samara, Russia
If you’re looking for a photo op, and want a great view of the Volga river, there are actually two spots: The Chapaev Monument, and the Viewpoint “Helipad.” Both offer great views of the Volga river, the city, and the coastline.
The Temple of George the Victorious
Address: Mayakovskogo 11, Samara, Russia, 443071
An architectural masterpiece, this church is situated in a great spot in Samara, and is nearly its own monument. It was built as a testament to the people who lost their lives in times of war. Also, another great viewpoint of the city.
Stalin's Bunker
Address: Ul. 22 Partsyezda, 182, Samara, Russia, 443124
Phone: +7 (846) 205-1218
Website: Stalin’s Bunker
Municipal Museum Cosmic Samara
Address: Pr. Lenina 21, Art. Metro “Russian”, Samara, Russia, 443110
Phone: +8 (846) 263-3935
Website: Municipal Museum Cosmic Samara
Modernist Style Museum
Address: Frunze 159, Samara, Russia, 443010
Phone: +7 (846) 333-2498
Website: Modernist Style Museu

Samara Regional Art Museum
Address: Ul. Kuibyshev 92, Samara, Russia, 443099
Phone: +7 (846) 333-4650
Website: Samara Regional Art Museum
Adventure Park Tarzaniya
Address: Novo-Sadovaya 160 K6, Samara, Russia
Phone: +7 (917) 108-4454
Website: Adventure Park Tarzaniya
Viktoria Aquapark
Address: Moskovskoye Hwy. 18 Km, 23, Samara, Russia, 443072
Phone: +7 (846) 925-8118
Website: Viktoria Aquapark
Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Address: Kuibyshev Square, d. 1, Samara, Russia, 443010
Phone: +8 (846) 332-2509
Website: Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
The Samara Academic Gorkiy Drama Theater
Address: Pl. Chapaeva, d. 1, Samara, Russia, 443010
Phone: +7 (846) 333-3348
Website: The Samara Academic Gorkiy Drama Theater

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