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Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Sochi, Russia

Sochi, Russia is along the coast of the Black Sea, and most of the year it has nice, warm temperatures due to its location. This resort town, known as the “Russian Riviera” has many great hotels and inns to stay at. When flying with private jet charters, you want the best place to rest for the night after a long flight. The list below has been compiled based on the suggestions of some of our clients.

Hyatt Regency Sochi
Address: Ordzhonikidze 17, Sochi, Russia, 354000
Phone: +7 (862) 227-1234
Website: Hyatt Regency Sochi
Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia
Address: 89 Kurortny Prospect, Sochi, Russia, 354002
Phone: +7 (862) 296-8801
Website: Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia
Pullman Sochi Centre
Address: 11A Ordzhonikidze Street, Sochi, Russia, 354000
Phone: +7 (862) 262-9733
Website: Pullman Sochi Centre
Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre
Address: 1a Golubaya Street, Adler District, Sochi, Russia, 354350
Phone: +7 (862) 296-8100
Website: Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre
Solis Sochi Hotel
Address: ul. 20 Gorno-Strelkovoy Divizii 11, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 354392
Phone: +7 (862) 245-5500
Website: Solis Sochi Hotel
Rodina Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina
Address: 33 Vinogradnaya Street, Sochi, Russia, 354008
Phone: +7 (862) 253-9000
Website: Rodina Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina

Top Attractions in Sochi, Russia

Yekaterinburg, Russia is a bit of a resort town in the mountains, and thus, many of its activity relies on the ski resorts, ice skating rinks, and the like. During the warmer temperatures, many people take to the parks to cool off. These attractions have been suggested by our clients.

Krasnaya Polyana Mountain Cluster
Address: Sochi, Russia
The Krasnaya Polyana Mountain Cluster is just that, a cluster of mountains in Sochi where many resorts and hotels are set up. If you’re looking to take part in some snow sports, hike, mountain climb, or even take part in some leisurely recreational activity, this is the place, any time of the year. However, if you go to the cluster itself, you’ll be greeted with wonderful views, but not much else. The entertainment is around the resorts.
Rosa Khutor Ski Resort
Address: 35 Olimpiyskaya st., Estosadok village, Sochi, Russia, 354392
Phone: +7 (862) 243-0430
Website: Rosa Khutor Ski Resort
The Observation Tower on Akhun Mountain
Address: Akhun Mountain, Khosta, Sochi, Russia, 354056
This tower looks like a narrow fortress, and at one time may have served as such. Once at the top, you can get panoramic views of the entire city. There is no entrance fee, and the surrounding grounds have many shops and restaurants. It’s a great stop during your travels through Sochi.
Ice Skating Rinks
Iceberg Skating Palace
Ice Dome Bolshoi
Ice Cube Curling Center
Arena Shayba
All of these are in the same area: Imeretinskaya Valley, Coastal cluster, Adler, Sochi, Russia, 354375
Arboretum Botanical Garden (Dendrarium)
Address: Kurortny Prospekt 74, Sochi, Russia, 354002
Phone: +7 (862) 262-1842
Website: Arboretum Botanical Garden (Dendrarium)
Sochinsky National Park
Address: Ul. Moskovskaya 13, Sochi, Krasnodarsky Krai, Russia, 354000
Phone: +7 (862) 292-7313
Website: Sochinsky National Park
Agura Waterfalls
Address: River Agura, Sochi, Russia
Many people say the Agura Waterfalls are the highlight of their trip. After arriving to the nature preserve, you can board a Russian military truck that will take you to the falls. There, depending on the weather and temperature, you can go for a swim and cool off a bit. There are also a couple of mountains around the area, and you may spot some mountain climbers during your visit.

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